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           19 November, 2019

Assembly Language 8086

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MicroAPL Porting Tools and Services (Popularity: )
A range of products which translate assembly-language code into optimized code for other architectures. Products include Relogix, an assembler-to-C translator, and PortAsm/68K, which converts 68000 assembly language source to run on the PowerPC, Intel ...
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - Assembly



Assembly Language Repository (Popularity: )
This site includes a tidy, well documented collection of x86 assembly language source files.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - Assembly

Domainatrix (Popularity: )
Assembly language OS for Intel/AMD x86 architecture made specifically for serving the Web, written originally for the programmer's personal interest and education after moving to the PC platform from his old 8-bit machine. Philosophically similar to V2 ...
Category:   Computers - Software - Operating Systems - x86

Infotech Solutions (Popularity: )
8085 Microprocessor Simulator, Cross Assembler, Karnaugh Maps, software copy protection.
Category:   Science - Technology - Software for Engineering - Electrical Engineering

Sinner Computing (Popularity: )
Shareware and freeware programs written in MASM32 Assembly language.
Category:   Computers - Software - Shareware - Windows


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HVW Technologies Inc. (Popularity: )
A distributor of BASIC Stamp, development tools and software. They also have a download section about PICs.
Category:   Science - Technology - Electronics - Reference

Penscil, Inc. (Popularity: )
Product development services, project consulting and writing for oceanographic instrumentation and underwater acoustics.
Category:   Science - Earth Sciences - Oceanography - Products and Services

PZEF Co. (Popularity: )
Provides digital and analog circuit design, printed circuit board layout and system design for instrumentation and control electronics.
Category:   Business - Electronics and Electrical - Instrumentation

MicroWeb Engineering Inc. (Popularity: )
Specializes in designing remote monitoring and control systems using embedded web servers, telephone access and wired serial protocols.
Category:   Business - Electronics and Electrical - Control Systems - Microcontroller

Embedded Knowledge and Intelligence (Popularity: )
Specializes in embedded systems design and consulting.
Category:   Business - Electronics and Electrical - Components - Microwave

English and Spanish (Popularity: )
Translation and interpreting in English and Spanish.
Category:   Business - Business Services - Communications - Translation

8051 Macro Assembler ASEM-51 (Popularity: )
ASEM-51 is a macro assembler for the Intel MCS-51 family of microcontrollers. It is running on the PC under MS-DOS, Windows and Linux. The ASEM-51 assembly language is based on the standard Intel syntax, and implements conditional assembly, macros,and ...
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - Assembly

terse (Popularity: )
Algebraic assembly language employing prefix, infix, and postfix notation. Assembler simplified. Biggest advance in low-level programming since Macro Assembler. All the control of assembler, with the ease-of-use and look-and-feel of high-level languages ...
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - Assembly

Brian's Page (Popularity: )
Assembler graphics and tracked music, links.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - Assembly

Int 80h (Popularity: )
Assembly language programming under Unix in general, and FreeBSD in specific.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - Assembly

Win32ASM Community Forum (Popularity: )
A forum of developers using assembler in Win32 environment.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - Assembly

Assembler Programming (Popularity: )
Small but growing set of ASM tutorials: general, graphics.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - Assembly

C-- (Popularity: )
Problem: C was designed as a programming language, not as a compiler target language. C is suboptimal in the latter role. The Need: define a language designed as a portable target (assembly) language; replace C as target language used by compiler writers ...
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - C

MicroAPL Ltd (Popularity: )
Innovative porting tools and services, and software consulting. Sells APL.68000 for Apple Macintosh. Recently released APLX for Windows, MacOS, Linux & AIX.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - APL

Fastgraph (Popularity: )
Collection of graphics functions that can help you develop professional games and applications.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Graphics - Libraries

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