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           19 January, 2019

Exact Time

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Absolute Time Corrector (Popularity: )
Synchronize local PC time using the NIST Internet Time Service or LAN timeservers.
Category:   Computers - Software - Shareware - Windows



Tardis 2000 (Popularity: )
Can find out what the right time is by accessing Internet-based Atomic Clocks, using networked time-servers, GPS (The Global Positioning System), and by listening for time broadcasts over a LAN.
Category:   Computers - Software - Shareware - Windows

Atomic Clocks Online (Popularity: )
For self setting radio controlled clocks. Graphics intensive, requires Flash version 5.
Category:   Shopping - Home and Garden - Accessories - Clocks

HiDialer 2000 (Popularity: )
Internet dialer, statistics, scheduler, launcher, atomic clock all in one program.
Category:   Computers - Software - Shareware - Windows

@YourFingertips (Popularity: )
Provides one-click access to a pop-up menu of shortcuts, minimizing use of desktop space and system resources.
Category:   Computers - Software - Shareware - Windows


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Apocalyptic Dreams, Dualism and Immortality (Popularity: )
Prophetic dream revealing the exact time of the end of the world and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
Category:   Society - Paranormal - Prophecies

Unsecured Loans Instant Payout (Popularity: )
Getting the finance at the exact time of financial crunch and that to without going through any security procedures is almost like a dram come true, unsecured loans instant payout offers you with these extra money advances that can make you skip the ...
Category:   Business - Business and Economy

Free Software Downloads (Popularity: )
Free software downloads, the biggest software directory for freeware and shareware download at jordysoft.net. The software giant confirmed the exact time in a blog posting on Wednesday.
Category:   Computers - Software - Abandonware - File Downloads

eTextbook Rentals (Popularity: )
A list and reviews of the best places to rent eTextbooks. Internet giant Amazon is never far behind the curve when it comes to modern trends and it didn’t take them long to enter the eTextbook rental scene. Amazon are very nice in that they allow you ...
Category:   Education - Distance Learning - E-learning

The Secret To Rapid Muscle Strength and Growth (Popularity: )
AntlerX is an exciting new supplement that contains the highest concentration of premium antler velvet, harvested at the exact time when it is the most nutrient dense and beneficial to you! Deer Antler velvet is the unique soft substance that grows on ...
Category:   Health - Health Care Product

Set-Fast Drumset Layout Anchors (Popularity: )
A Drum Accessory that allows Fast, Exact, Secure Drumset Placement. Cuts Set-Up time in half and offers Set-Up repeatability.
Category:   Shopping - Music - Instruments - Percussion

The Old-Time Music Home Page (Popularity: )
The Old Time Music Home Page is devoted to the preservation of American traditional music, especially the music of the Appalachian Mountain region.
Category:   Arts - Music - Styles - Folk

Old Time Radio Shows (Popularity: )
Radiomemory.com is your one stop shop for the finest in old time radio shows.
Category:   Arts - Music - Sound Files - RealAudio

Chronos: The Future of Time Travel (Popularity: )
The ultimate guide to time travel, teleportation, temporal phasing, and other applications of nine-dimensional theory.
Category:   Arts - Writers Resources - Fiction - Science Fiction and Fantasy

World View Time Inc. (Popularity: )
This Clock Design provides instant,easy to read, hands free standard World Time at a glance.
Category:   Shopping - Home and Garden - Accessories - Clocks

Time Capsules by Future Packaging & Preservation (Popularity: )
Time capsules made of stainless steel, pre-fab and custom. Archival supplies, cast metal plaques, scrolls etc.
Category:   Shopping - Recreation - Genealogy - Keepsakes and Remembrances

Old Time Candy Company (Popularity: )
Offers assortments of candy memories including wax lips, candy cigarettes, Necco Wafers, Zagnuts and many more fresh old time time candies from the 50s, 60s and 70s.
Category:   Shopping - Food - Confectionery - Candy

Old Time Radio (Popularity: )
Over 5000 old time radio shows in MP3 for downloading. Show categories include detective, thrillers, comedy, and drama. Includes guest area and member's area.
Category:   Shopping - Entertainment - Recordings - Audio

Time Travel Institute (Popularity: )
Research and discussion of time travel, quantum physicals and temporal displacement.
Category:   Science - Physics - Relativity - Alternative

GPS Clocks for Computer Time Synchronization (Popularity: )
Learn about how to use GPS for computer time synchronization. We offer a GPSClock (for computer use) that's accurate to a millionth of a second. Ideal for running a stratum one NTP server.
Category:   Science - Earth Sciences - Geomatics - Global Positioning System

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