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           16 July, 2019


Thyro-Cat (Popularity: )
A Long Island, New York based center dedicated to the treatment of cats with feline hyperthyroidism, using I-131.
Category:   Health - Animal - Mammals - Cats



Sugarcat Simon's Niche On The Web (Popularity: )
Site about Feline Diabetes, its monitoring, and treatment Also will containing (still working on it as of 4/26/2011) information on all of our cats, past and present, other illnesses such as CRF (kidney failure), hyperthyroidism.
Category:   Health - Animal

Beyond Well Being (Popularity: )
Provides consultation, prescription and delivery of Chinese herbal medicines in capsule form.
Category:   Shopping - Health - Alternative - Herbs

Herbal Doctor Remedies (Popularity: )
Provides alternative formulas for skin and fungal diseases, hemorrhoids, brown spots and alopecia.
Category:   Shopping - Health - Alternative - Herbs

British Thyroid Foundation (Popularity: )
A patient-led charitable organisation dedicated to helping those with thyroid disorders.
Category:   Health - Conditions and Diseases - Endocrine Disorders - Thyroid


Dr. Daiter - Infertility Guides (Popularity: )
Articles written by reproductive endocrinologist Eric Daiter, M.D
Category:   Health - Reproductive Health - Infertility - Treatment

Hot Thyroidology (Popularity: )
Published by the European Thyroid Association. Editorials on new and controversial topics.
Category:   Health - Medicine - Medical Specialties - Endocrinology

Society for Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa (Popularity: )
Provides information on SEMDSA, including contact details, membership, events and related links.
Category:   Health - Medicine - Medical Specialties - Endocrinology

Jack Dreyfus and the Story of a Remarkable Medicine (Popularity: )
It concerns Jack's efforts to cure himself of depression and his discovery of Dilantin. Includes clinical studies and a free book.
Category:   Health - Pharmacy - Drugs and Medications - P

The Natural Health Medical Clinic (Popularity: )
A full service clinic, run by Dr. John F. Ruhland, ND located in Seattle, Washington.
Category:   Health - Alternative - Naturopathy - Practitioners and Clinics

Gladesville Veterinary Hospital (Popularity: )
Veterinary hospital in Sydney, Australia offering a full range of services including a specialist surgeon and nuclear medicine department for hyperthyroidism.
Category:   Health - Animal - Veterinary Medicine - Veterinarians

Regional Veterinary Referral Center (Popularity: )
RVRC in Springfield, VA. Lists and details procedures, related articles, practice history and contact information.
Category:   Health - Animal - Veterinary Medicine - Veterinarians

Veterinary Specialty Hospital (Popularity: )
State-of-the-art facility treating pets referred by veterinarians for specialized diagnostics and care.
Category:   Health - Animal - Veterinary Medicine - Veterinarians

The Winn Feline Foundation (Popularity: )
Dedicated to feline health and research.
Category:   Health - Animal - Conditions and Diseases - Cancer

Veterinary Nuclear Imaging (Popularity: )
A southern California based veterinary facility providing diagnostic nuclear medicine and magnetic resonance imaging for animals as well as radioiodine therapy for feline hyperthyroidism.
Category:   Health - Animal - Mammals - Cats

Radiocat (Popularity: )
Centers for the treatment of feline hyperthyroidism. Discusses services and philosophy, the different ways of treatment, hospital locations and phone numbers.
Category:   Health - Animal - Mammals - Cats

Thyromine Review (Popularity: )
Thyromine can help you regulate your thyroid and control your hyperthyroidism. An added side effect is it can also help you lose weight and increase your metabolism.
Category:   Health - Fitness

Pure Homoeopathy (Popularity: )
Goiter is the enlargement of thyroid gland . A person who’s thyroid is enlarged can have normal levels of Euthyroidism, excessive levels is known as hyperthyroidism or levels that are too low is known as hypothyroidism. Goiter means that thyroid gland ...
Category:   Health - Alternative

The C/V ENT Surgical Group Experience (Popularity: )
The board-certified physicians at C/V ENT Surgical Group aim to provide unparalleled care in the management of ear, nose and throat disorders as well as combine aesthetics and function when performing complex head and neck surgery.
Category:   Health - Cosmetic Surgery

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