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           20 August, 2019


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Surrogacy Abroad Inc. (Popularity: )
Gestational surrogacy is the process by which intended parents use either the intended mother's own eggs or donated eggs to create a child with the intended father's sperm or donor sperm through in vitro fertilization.
Category:   Health - Alternative



Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLC, (Popularity: )
Surrogate mothers carry the child of someone who cannot have a baby otherwise. Healthy women, at least 21 years of age, can undergo medical tests and sign legal surrogacy contracts with intended parents through an agency and help create happy families ...
Category:   Kids and Teens - Teen Life

Surrogacy Law In Canada By Ellen Embury (Popularity: )
Surrogacy law in Canada can be difficult to understand. Ellen Embury specializes in surrogacy law in Alberta and Canada. She is widely regarded as a leader in the area of third party reproductive law. She guides intended parents, surrogates, egg or sperm ...
Category:   Society - Law

Surrogacy Centre India and Isis Hospital (Popularity: )
Surrogacy Centre India and Isis Hospital, where life begins. We are the leading provider of IVF and surrogacy services in India. Our sole aim is to create families. Our dedicated team of doctors, lawyers, medical professionals and support staff have had ...
Category:   Health - Women's Health

Select Surrogacy India (Popularity: )
Quality hospital, experience of doctor performing similar surgery and superb personal care is the base of our company. Select IVF Surrogacy Indiafully screen the hospitals before empanelling, routinely check, maintain a personal and first name relationship ...
Category:   Health - Men's Health


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We Care India IVF Surrogacy Consultants (Popularity: )
We Care is a one of the first IVF Surrogacy agencies in India offering spectrum of IVF Surrogacy services for Intended Parents from Abroad. Since 2006, we are global leaders for surrogacy in India, having assisted over 300 couples and singles and over ...
Category:   Health - Reproductive Health

OPTS: The Organization of Parents through Surrogacy (Popularity: )
National surrogacy support organization for couples seeking to become parents through surrogacy, parents of surrogate-born children and surrogate mothers.
Category:   Health - Reproductive Health - Infertility - Surrogacy and Embryo Donation

Surrogate Mothers Online (Popularity: )
Helpful resource for surrogates and prospective parents via surrogacy.  Articles, bulletin boards, free classified section, chat room, listserv, questions and answers, birth announcements, and postcards.
Category:   Health - Reproductive Health - Infertility - Surrogacy and Embryo Donation

Intended Parents.com (Popularity: )
Resources including information about surrogacy arrangements, how to make an arrangement, the process, costs, medical insurance, fertility centers, and lawyers.
Category:   Health - Reproductive Health - Infertility - Surrogacy and Embryo Donation

Surrogate Parenting Services, Inc. (Popularity: )
Experience in international and domestic cases for egg donation and surrogacy. Located in Laguna Niguel, California.
Category:   Health - Reproductive Health - Infertility - Surrogacy and Embryo Donation

East Coast Assisted Parenting (Popularity: )
A surrogacy and egg donation agency, assisting with surrogacy arrangements in the USA and Russia. Includes links to related sites.
Category:   Health - Reproductive Health - Infertility - Surrogacy and Embryo Donation

Alternative Reproductive Resources (ARR) (Popularity: )
Offers egg donor and gestational surrogacy services in the Chicago area.
Category:   Health - Reproductive Health - Infertility - Surrogacy and Embryo Donation

The Egg Donor Program and The Surrogacy Program (Popularity: )
Includes information about the process and legal issues. Based in Los Angeles.
Category:   Health - Reproductive Health - Infertility - Surrogacy and Embryo Donation

Thomas M. Pinkerton, Esq. (Popularity: )
San Diego attorney specializes in egg donation and surrogacy law for future parents, clinics, and physicians.
Category:   Society - Law - Services - Lawyers and Law Firms

Boren and Boren Law: Adoption and Surrogacy services (Popularity: )
Boren and Boren Law provide family services for those interested in adoption and surrogacy. Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Boren and Boren Law has helped families nationwide.
Category:   Home - Family - Adoption - Agencies

The Select Surrogate (Popularity: )
As one of the leading fertility specialists in Southern California, Dr. Wood established this premier surrogacy and egg donor agency over a decade ago. At SelectSurrogate, the staff has more than 25 years combined experience in the fertility field, treating ...
Category:   Health - Reproductive Health - Infertility - Surrogacy and Embryo Donation

Simple Surrogacy, LLC. (Popularity: )
Simple Surrogacy offers exceptional surrogacy and egg donor services at competitive prices. Simple Surrogacy in Texas will also help you with finding the financial assistance you may need.
Category:   Health - Reproductive Health

CT Fertility (Popularity: )
CT Fertility is a full-service fertility center with offices in Connecticut and New York providing a full-range of fertility testing and treatments simple or advanced such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), donor egg donation and surrogacy.
Category:   Health - Reproductive Health - Infertility - Clinics and Services

Wee Care Partners USA LLC. (Popularity: )
WeeCare Partners USA LLC is a service agency for India Surrogacy. We firmly believe that every family has the right to realize their dreams of parenthood in an affordable and low stress way. WCPU is committed to that dream by providing guidance, support ...
Category:   Health - Reproductive Health

The Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Centre (Popularity: )
The Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Centre is one of the oldest and best ivf and surrogacy centre in india, set up way back in 1994, by Dr. Anoop Gupta, who is known as Best IVF Doctor in india. We specialize in treatment of infertility with the sole ...
Category:   Health - Reproductive Health - Infertility

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