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           20 October, 2020


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Steward and Sons (Popularity: )
Offers DSP books (FIR, IIR, recursive, nonrecursive, adaptive, estimation, detection), and Filter books (Butterworth, Bessel, nomographs, lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop, allpass).
Category:   Shopping - Publications - Books - Professional and Technical

True Audio (Popularity: )
Offering audio spectrum analyzer along with speaker design software.
Category:   Shopping - Consumer Electronics - Audio - Speakers

Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. (Popularity: )
Design and manufacture of cryogenic temperature sensors and instrumentation, including instrumentation and systems for studying magnetic properties of materials. Products include gaussmeters, Hall probes, vibrating sample magnetometers, and electromagnets ...
Category:   Science - Technology - Cryotechnology

LakeShore Cryotronics (Popularity: )
Offers control and measurement products for cryogenic solutions, including temperature sensors and monitors, and magnetic measurement systems.
Category:   Science - Technology - Cryotechnology - Equipment

Schematica Software (Popularity: )
Filter design software for electronics engineers and technicians. Filter Wiz for active filter design; OpFil for both passive and active filter design.
Category:   Science - Technology - Software for Engineering - Electrical Engineering

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Sterling Resale Optics (Popularity: )
Resale of un-used or excellent condition optics including mirrors, lenses, filters, and KTP crystals for yag lasers. Surplus laser optics lenses and mirrors.
Category:   Science - Instruments and Supplies - Laboratory Equipment - Used and Surplus

Kemo Filters (Popularity: )
Kemo produce a wide range of electronic signal filters, from simple filter modules to complex computer controlled multi-channel systems with gain.
Category:   Science - Physics - Electromagnetism - Resources and Equipment

Software Spectra (Popularity: )
Software for designing and manufacturing optical multi-layer thin film coatings. Its primary product is TFCalc.
Category:   Science - Physics - Optics - Software

Custom Scientific, Inc. (Popularity: )
Custom optics and interference filters with specialization in astronomical filters.
Category:   Science - Astronomy - Business - Telescopes, Binoculars and Accessories

MTX Audio (Popularity: )
Delivers car, home and professional audio products such as in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, home theater speakers and accessories.
Category:   Business - Consumer Goods and Services - Electronics - Audio

Precision Filters Inc. (Popularity: )
Suppliers of electronic filters, signal conditioning, signal switching, and data acquisition products.
Category:   Business - Electronics and Electrical - Instrumentation - Data Acquisition and Control

Kemo Signal Filters (Popularity: )
Kemo filters, from simple filter module to complex multi-channel filters for precision data acquisition systems.
Category:   Business - Electronics and Electrical - Instrumentation - Data Acquisition and Control

Remec (Popularity: )
Wireless equipment and military product manufacturer that provides contract thick and thin film substrates, hybrid circuits, printed wiring boards, and performs metal fabrication and mechanical assembly.
Category:   Business - Electronics and Electrical - Contract Manufacturing

Pulse Engineering, Inc (Popularity: )
Manufacturer of inductors and transformers for power supply and data communications applications.
Category:   Business - Electronics and Electrical - Transformers and Inductors

Quartz Pro (Popularity: )
Producer of OCXO's for communication industry.
Category:   Business - Electronics and Electrical - Components - Crystals

Filtronetics Inc. (Popularity: )
Designs and manufactures frequency control products including high, low, band pass and electronic filters, txco and related oscillators and quartz crystals.
Category:   Business - Electronics and Electrical - Components - Crystals

Communications & Energy Corporation (Popularity: )
Manufactures and sells microwave filters for wireless television, cable television, low-power television, and personal communications service.
Category:   Business - Electronics and Electrical - Components - Filters

Pole Zero Corporation (Popularity: )
Manufactures digitally tuned RF filters, notch filters, preselectors and low noise amplifiers.
Category:   Business - Electronics and Electrical - Components - Filters

KR Electronics (Popularity: )
Designs and manufactures precision filters from dc to 3 GHz.
Category:   Business - Electronics and Electrical - Components - Filters

TTE (Popularity: )
Produces bandpass filter, rf filter, and high pass filters.
Category:   Business - Electronics and Electrical - Components - Filters
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