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           05 December, 2020


Visualis Physics Electromagnetism (Popularity: )
Commercial interactive educational software for physics, offering 3D views of main electromagnetic phenomena. Clear, quick and intuitive visualisation of electromagnetism. Developed by Editons Pixit Communication, Switzerland.
Category:   Science - Physics - Electromagnetism - Software

Tesla Mania (Popularity: )
Bert Hickman's page on Tesla Coils, quarter shrinkers, and other neat ways to mess with electronics including: high energy devices, Lichtenberg Figures, safety information.
Category:   Science - Technology - Electronics - High Voltage

Bert Hickman's Teslamania (Popularity: )
Tesla coils and energy discharge experiments. Theoretical and practical information.
Category:   Science - Technology - Electronics - High Voltage

Bert Hickman's Quarter Shrinker (Popularity: )
Bert Hickman's page of information about quarter shrinkers, gadgets that can render quarters smaller than dimes!
Category:   Science - Technology - Electronics - High Voltage

Urban Ways (Popularity: )
Includes a brief description of a method of providing more vegetation in high-density city centers.
Category:   Science - Social Sciences - Urban and Regional Planning - Projects

Aetherometry (Popularity: )
The Science of the Metrics of the Aether. Foundations for a biophysics of massfree energy. Experimental and theoretical research into its nature, types. metrics, and relation to massbound energy.
Category:   Science - Physics - Relativity - Alternative

Electromagnetic Theory and Special Relativity (Popularity: )
In this online book, electromagnetism is described as a physical mechanism responsible for relativistic effects.
Category:   Science - Physics - Electromagnetism - Courses and Tutorials

New Theory of Light and Photon Wave Model (Popularity: )
Proposed is a new photon model (theory of light). The duality particle-wave is discussed and is backed up by theoretical and experimental investigations.
Category:   Science - Physics - Electromagnetism - Alternative

Laboratoire Kastler Brossel (Popularity: )
The objectives of the Laboratoire Kastler Brossel are the understanding of matter and electromagnetism at the atomic scale. We study the quantum properties of atoms, of the electromagnetic field and of matter-field interactions.
Category:   Science - Physics - Quantum Mechanics - Institutions

Polarizable vacuum zero-point energy model of the universe (Popularity: )
Introduction to a vacuum fluctuation induced and mediated universe model of all known forces with a text for the layman available for download.
Category:   Science - Physics - Alternative - Unified Theories

Physics Software Links (Popularity: )
Links to reviewed physics software and programs.
Category:   Science - Physics - Software

Electromagnetic Field Safety Catalog (Popularity: )
Offers a variety of devices for detecting and shielding EMF.
Category:   Science - Environment - Energy - Electromagnetic Field

The Energy Works! (Popularity: )
Offers shielding products to protect against electromagnetism from cell phones, computers, fluorescent lights and other sources.
Category:   Science - Environment - Energy - Electromagnetic Field

CGG Geophysical Services (Popularity: )
Seismic data sales, acquisition and interpretation. Software software vendor. Reservoir studies. Petroleum, mineral and civil engineering applications.
Category:   Business - Energy and Environment - Oil and Gas - Service Companies

Events in History of Physics (Popularity: )
Time-lines of thermodynamics, electromagnetism, and symmetry. With links to other time-lines and resources.
Category:   Society - Philosophy - Philosophy of Science - Physics