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           21 October, 2020


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Spirit Horse Foundation (Popularity: )
Introductory and in-depth ceremonial workshops, enlightenment intensives, song drum dance summer camps, and spiritual retreats. Located in London.
Category:   Society - Religion and Spirituality - New Age - Practices and Ceremonies

Suma Ching Hai (Popularity: )
Spiritual teachings of the Supreme Master Ching Hai on enlightenment, inner light and sound, the Quan Yin method, and meditation.
Category:   Society - Religion and Spirituality - New Age - Ascended Masters

Center for Spiritual Enlightenment (Popularity: )
Information about the center, programs, teachers, and publications.
Category:   Society - Religion and Spirituality - Yoga - Paths

Philosophy Since the Enlightenment (Popularity: )
Developed by Roger Jones, a philosophy tutor, as a study guide for adult students learning about philosophy for the first time.
Category:   Society - Philosophy - History of Philosophy

ARE: Association for Research and Enlightenment (Popularity: )
Organization founded by Edgar Cayce, the world's best documented psychic.
Category:   Society - Paranormal - Prophecies

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Amarjah Wisdom School (Popularity: )
All things esoteric - a way to the mysteries of the ages and enlightenment. It was dark and there were bright glowing lights moving in the magenta sky...many of them purplish blue. I was telepathically calling them in, directing them to different landing ...
Category:   Society - Religion and Spirituality

House of Painful Enlightenment (Popularity: )
A clan dedicated more to fun than skill.
Category:   Entertainment - Games - Video Games - Shooter - H

Online Spiritual Teaching (Popularity: )
A website dedicated to helping individuals transform their experience of themselves and of life primarily through shadow-work and spiritual enlightenment. Not separate as we appear but very much a part of something bigger. We are also individuals andof ...
Category:   Society - Religion and Spirituality - Enlightenment

International Speaker (Popularity: )
Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D. is an international speaker and expert on meditation. He is the author of many articles and creator of numerous podcasts, available at Enlightenment Podcast, that explore the world of enlightenment. He is also responsible for aweekly ...
Category:   Society - Religion and Spirituality - Enlightenment

Open Enlightenment Community (Popularity: )
openenlightenment.com is a community that is dedicated to uniting science and spirituality, promoting fellowship, cultivating compassion and developing ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Category:   Computers - Web Design

Spiritual Cinema Alliance (Popularity: )
A resource for filmmakers who want to get involved in the development of spiritually exalting films.
Category:   Arts - Movies - Organizations - Filmmaking

The neo-futurists (Popularity: )
The Neo-Futurists are an ensemble of artists who write, direct, and perform their own work dedicated to social, political, and personal enlightenment in the form of audience-interactive conceptual theater
Category:   Arts - Performing Arts - Theatre - Experimental

Charles Stier at Cherry Valley Music (Popularity: )
Cherry Valley Music is the website for classical musicians Charles Stier, clarinetist.
Category:   Arts - Music - Instruments - Winds

Mystical Sun (Popularity: )
An electronic musician creating ambient music with trance, spiritual and ethnic influences. Includes MP3s, writings, pictures, and links.
Category:   Arts - Music - Styles - Experimental

Shunyam Gallery (Popularity: )
Colorful Up-Art presented by Shunyam Art Gallery, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 72 Amsterdam.
Category:   Arts - Visual Arts - Galleries - Europe

Kebe (Popularity: )
Features expressive, stylized, mixed-media canvases. Limited edition prints are available for purchase.
Category:   Arts - Visual Arts - Painting - Painters

Jones, Veronica V. - MoonShines (Popularity: )
Fantasy artist Veronica V. Jones's works, featuring warriors and sorcerers from before recorded history, feudal Japan, medieval Europe, modern times, and the far flung future.
Category:   Arts - Visual Arts - Thematic - Science Fiction and Fantasy

Robinson, Nichole (Popularity: )
News, biography, and photographs, as well as fashion and beauty tips.
Category:   Arts - Design - Fashion - Modeling

Allspirit Poetry Index (Popularity: )
Spiritual poetry from masters such as Rumi, Rabindranath Tagore, Rainer Maria Rilke, Christina Rossetti, Kahlil Gibran, Anna Akhmatova.
Category:   Arts - Literature - Poetry

Francis Bacon Research Trust General Information (Popularity: )
"The Trust is concerned with education in the life and works of the secret master, Sir Francis Bacon, the Rosicrucians and other key exponents of the Ancient (and Ageless) Wisdom associated with him or having a bearing on his work."
Category:   Arts - Literature - World Literature - British

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