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           18 January, 2021


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Freeware Downloads (Popularity: )
A directory of freeware programs indexed by topics like business, games, and internet.
Category:   Computers - Software - Freeware - Directories

Freeware Files (Popularity: )
Directory of free software for Windows. Includes backup, ftp, graphics, pims, and privacy freeware.
Category:   Computers - Software - Freeware - Directories

Free MP3 Music Player Downloads (Popularity: )
Directory of freeware software, converters, encoders, decoders and search engines. Includes a weekly updated song chart and a guide for beginners.
Category:   Arts - Music - Directories - MP3

Cast Iron Flamingo (Popularity: )
Gallery of Bryce images with an architectural flavour. Site also features tutorials on importing Rhino models, using transparency, bump maps and lighting, as well as offering a freeware application for modelling waves for download.
Category:   Arts - Visual Arts - Computer Graphics - 3D

BlindSoftware.com (Popularity: )
Offers accessible freeware and shareware downloads for the visually impaired.
Category:   Shopping - Health - Disabilities - Assistive Technology

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Freeware Verilog & VHDL (Popularity: )
This is the home page for a Freeware Verilog,VHDL and Analog Mixed Signal project (a.k.a. the V-2000 project, still in its infancy).
Category:   Science - Technology - Electronics - Design

AcaClone pDRAW32 (Popularity: )
Freeware DNA cloning, analysis and visualization software.
Category:   Science - Biology - Bioinformatics - Software

Break-Tru Software (Popularity: )
Freeware and shareware online calculator programs for fractions, percent, payroll and conversions.
Category:   Science - Math - Education - Software

Third Apex to Fractovia (Popularity: )
Galleries, discussion of fractals as art. Large list of freeware fractal generators, screen savers, music software, with links and reviews.
Category:   Science - Math - Chaos and Fractals - Fractal Art

She Dreams In Digital (Popularity: )
Features the artwork of Stacy Reed. Includes links to freeware, fractal software, and fractal reference sites.
Category:   Science - Math - Chaos and Fractals - Fractal Art

ChaosPro (Popularity: )
Freeware fractal generator. Can do 24 bit and 3D transforms, including Quaternions. Includes history of program, gallery and fractal theory information.
Category:   Science - Math - Chaos and Fractals - Software

Chaoscope (Popularity: )
Chaoscope is a 3D strange attractors rendering freeware. 5 rendering modes and 9 equations available. Windows Freeware.
Category:   Science - Math - Chaos and Fractals - Software

Stellarium (Popularity: )
basic planetarium designed to show the sky as seen from any place on Earth at any date. Accuracy has been sacrificed for the sake of "photorealism". Uses the HR catalog of 9000 stars. This reviewer encountered hardware incompatibility problems, despite ...
Category:   Science - Astronomy - Software - Desktop Planetarium and Charting

Healthcare Freeware (Popularity: )
Free virtual library of hundreds of downloadable software packages, databases of information, and other resources for healthcare professionals and the general public.
Category:   Business - Healthcare - Computing - Software

CBT Tape Home Page (Popularity: )
MVS Freeware (including S/370 - S/390 Assembler). See the links page to other MVS freeware
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - Assembly

CodeBrain.com (Popularity: )
Java multi-media, animation, and utility applets with free download kits. [Freeware]
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - Java

Java Image Studio (Popularity: )
Tool for operating system independent image editing. [Freeware]
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - Java

CBT Tape (Popularity: )
MVS freeware repository. Has lots of Rexx code, too.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - Rexx

Sterling Data (Popularity: )
Clarion Components,Resources & Freeware.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - Clarion

Visual Prolog (Popularity: )
A full-featured programming environment is offered with all the facilities necessary to write mission-critical, commercial-grade applications. A freeware version is available.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - Prolog

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