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           21 January, 2021


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Core FTP LE (Popularity: )
A free FTP Client with SSL/TLS, SSH/SFTP, dragdrop, resume/retry, IDN, and socks/firewall.
Category:   Computers - Software - Freeware - Internet

Wise-FTP (Popularity: )
FTP software to connect to any FTP server to upload or download files and directories. Multilingual user interface.
Category:   Computers - Software - Shareware - Windows

Gene6 FTP Server (Popularity: )
Secure FTP server with SSL for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003.
Category:   Computers - Software - Internet - Servers

k.Soft Custom FTP (Popularity: )
Custom FTP software for ISPs, portals, and web hosts, with appropriate FTP sites built-in.
Category:   Computers - Software - Internet - Clients

Yummy FTP (Popularity: )
Offers secure FTP, hierarchical and column views, directory synchronization, file/folder filtering, AppleScriptable, rendezvous-enabled. OS X 10.2 or higher. Includes online purchase, trial download, support information, and downloadable user guide.
Category:   Computers - Software - Operating Systems - Mac OS

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ftp.proxy (Popularity: )
Offers application layer FTP service proxying to facilitate use of service through firewalls. Supports various access control options. [Unix, Linux, BSD, Windows]
Category:   Computers - Internet - Proxying and Filtering - Products and Tools

PerlWiz (Popularity: )
A Perl project-based editor and IDE for Windows with code templates, FTP, version control, web tools and tutorials. [Shareware]
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - Perl

MarshallSoft Computing (Popularity: )
Serial communications, email, FTP, and winsock libraries for Windows.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Libraries

Dart (Popularity: )
The home of PowerTCP, the market leader in Internet Application Development Tools including: web server, mail, telnet, SNMP, FTP, and Winsock.
Category:   Computers - Software - Retailers - Sales and Support

ScriptFTP (Popularity: )
A script driven FTP client that automates file transfers and other repetitive tasks like syncronizing files, backups, and web server updates.
Category:   Computers - Software - Freeware - Internet

Cerberus FTP Server (Popularity: )
A multithreaded Windows FTP server designed to use little CPU and memory. Connection limit, timeout, and IP access can be controlled by the administrator as well as thread priority settings.
Category:   Computers - Software - Freeware - Internet

ABC Backup Software (Popularity: )
Automatically on user defined schedule performs gzip compatible backups on local and network disks, and remote FTP servers.
Category:   Computers - Software - Freeware - Backup

NetworkingFiles.Com (Popularity: )
Extensive shareware network software collection. Downloads are categorized in categories including FTP, Archie, Ping, Finger, Proxy, Firewalls, Log Analyzers, Telnet, and Security applications.
Category:   Computers - Software - Shareware - Directories

Focus Software Solutions (Popularity: )
Developer of several shareware applications. ImageDB an Image management database, SysSync file synchroniser and SyncWeb a website synchroniser using FTP.
Category:   Computers - Software - Shareware - Windows

Silver Age Software (Popularity: )
HandyHTML is a text based HTML editor with syntax highlighting, tag explorer, auto suggestion for tags, attributes and values, transparent FTP download and upload, and multi-browser support.
Category:   Computers - Software - Shareware - Windows

FTP Voyager (Popularity: )
An excellent shareware file transfer client for upload or download. Send, receive, resume, synchronize, drag and drop and others. [Win95/98/Me/NT/2000]
Category:   Computers - Software - Shareware - Windows

BulletProof FTP (Popularity: )
Automated FTP client, which downloads files in any order, from any directory on an FTP site, automatically reconnects, and resumes from where it left off if the connection is lost, list hidden files, and has a Leech mode. [Win95/98/Me/NT/2000]
Category:   Computers - Software - Shareware - Windows

3D-FTP (Popularity: )
FTP client with 3D photo-realistic user interface supporting replaceable skins. Download engine is multithreaded and optimized for speed. Support the ability to resume file transfers. [Win95/98/Me/NT/2000]
Category:   Computers - Software - Shareware - Windows

TurboFTP (Popularity: )
Secure FTP client program that features scheduled FTP, folder synchronization and auto-reconnect. Encrypt file transfer with SSL/TLS. [Win 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP]
Category:   Computers - Software - Shareware - Windows

SmartFTP (Popularity: )
Full featured free FTP client with multi-windows interface. Advanced features include automatic reconnect, firewall/Proxy support; extensive transfer features like scheduling, drap and drops between IE, and supports FXP/SSL. [Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP]
Category:   Computers - Software - Shareware - Windows

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