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           03 December, 2020

Heroin Addiction

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Heroin Addiction (Popularity: )
This is a site that covers everything you could possibly need to know about heroin addiction and heroin in general. Heroin addiction is a serious and life-threatening illness that can often devastate families and communities as well as the person suffering ...
Category:   Health - Teen Health

Detox Rehab for Heroin (Popularity: )
Free resource for heroin detox rehab and those seeking help from heroin addiction. Find the help you need today, contact the free heroin detox rehab helpline for no-obligation information.
Category:   Health - Alternative

Heroin Addiction Treatment (Popularity: )
Drug addiction is complex. It's characterized by compulsive--at times uncontrollable--drug craving, seeking, and use that persists even in the face of extremely negative consequences. For many people, drug addiction becomes chronic, with relapses possible ...
Category:   Health - Addictions

Methadone Clinic Chicago (Popularity: )
CAP Quality Care Clinics provide methadone treatment and maintenance to patients addicted to heroin or pain medication in Chicago, Downers Grove call today 312-266-0404
Category:   Health - Addictions

Suboxone Doctors (Popularity: )
Put simply, Suboxone-Doctor.com is a one-stop site for anyone exploring the possibility of using suboxone to treat their heroin addiction, or for people already undergoing such therapy.
Category:   Health - Medicine

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Willing Ways Pakistan (Popularity: )
Willing Ways Pakistan is the best addiction treatment center which caters rehab services including withdrawal management, alcohol abuse and substance abuse. We do provide best rehabilitation and a kind of rehabilitation program which meets the need of ...
Category:   Health - Addictions

Restoring Unity (Popularity: )
Dedicated to helping heroin addicted pregnant women find treatment for heroin addiction. Marina Del Rey, California.
Category:   Health - Addictions - Substance Abuse - Centers and Counseling Services

New Directionsfor Women (Popularity: )
Not-for-profit residential treatment and recovery facility helping women with alcohol and drug dependencies, located in Costa Mesa, CA.
Category:   Health - Addictions - Substance Abuse - Centers and Counseling Services

Suboxone / Subutex (Popularity: )
Information for healthcare professionals and patients.
Category:   Health - Pharmacy - Drugs and Medications - B

Heroin Times (Popularity: )
HeroinTimes covers the heroin lifestyle from heroin detox to the world wide treatment referral network and recovery.
Category:   Health - Addictions - Substance Abuse - Drugs

Addiction Resource Guide (Popularity: )
An online directory of addiction treatment facilities and programs - national and international, indexed alphabetically, geographically and by special populations. Designed for the professional and lay person.
Category:   Health - Addictions - Substance Abuse - Treatment

The Coleman Institute (Popularity: )
Recognized as the Advanced Center for Addiction Treatment. Specializing in detox treatments and programs for patients with a dependency or drug addiction to heroin, oxycontin, methadone, cocaine or other opiates.
Category:   Health - Addictions - Substance Abuse - Treatment

Western Canada Detox Centre (Popularity: )
Provides rapid opiate detoxification under anaesthesia for those with an addiction to opiates such as heroin, opium, codeine and methadone.
Category:   Health - Addictions - Substance Abuse - Centers and Counseling Services

Challenges Addiction Treatment Program (Popularity: )
An addiction treatment program located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, providing a full range of services for adult men and women.
Category:   Health - Addictions - Substance Abuse - Centers and Counseling Services

Alcoholism & Addiction Resource Guide (Popularity: )
Directory of addiction treatment rehabilitation facilities for substance abuse, alcoholism, drug and chemical dependency, and other addictions.
Category:   Health - Addictions - Substance Abuse - Centers and Counseling Services

Aging and Addiction (Popularity: )
How to help seniors overcome alcoholism and medication dependence. Addiction and recovery resource.
Category:   Shopping - Publications - Books - Health

Benzodiazepine Addiction, Withdrawal, and Recovery (Popularity: )
Information about benzodiazepine addiction, withdrawal and recovery. FAQs, stories, and support groups.
Category:   Health - Mental Health - Disorders - Substance Related

Gambler Addiction Index (GAI) (Popularity: )
This site presents the Gambler Addiction Index (GAI), a test for gambler problem and pathiology assessment.
Category:   Health - Mental Health - Disorders - Impulse Control

CEDRO Centre for Drug Research (Popularity: )
Combines epidemiological and longitudinal research on illicit drugs, addiction theory, and drug policy developments in Europe. Articles in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Russian.
Category:   Health - Addictions - Substance Abuse - Drugs

National Institute on Drug Abuse (Popularity: )
The mission of NIDA is to lead the nation in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction.
Category:   Health - Addictions - Substance Abuse - Drugs

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