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           19 September, 2020

Light Rectal Therapy

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Color Light Therapy US (Popularity: )
Microcurrent & color light: Microlight therapy provides the most effective facial rejuvenation & electro-acupuncture pain relief
Category:   Health - Alternative

Bio Light (Popularity: )
Light therapy for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), winter depression or winter blues.
Category:   Shopping - Health - Mental Health - Depression

Full Spectrum Solutions (Popularity: )
Factory direct full spectrum lighting for office and home. Light therapy fixtures.
Category:   Shopping - Health - Mental Health - Depression

True Sun LLC (Popularity: )
Bright light therapy box, seasonal depression, sleep aids, air purification and pain management.
Category:   Shopping - Health - Mental Health - Depression

Therapy Sydney Therapist (Popularity: )
Light Axis Therapy Sydney is the most effective therapy available. It uses 7 unique methods to resolve emotional, mental and physical trauma, distress and illness. See the great testimonials as well. Books, courses and audios also available from the site ...
Category:   Health - Professions - Occupational Therapist

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The SunBox Company (Popularity: )
Bright light units for treating seasonal depression or dealing with the winter blues, jet lag, and sleep disorders.
Category:   Shopping - Health - Mental Health - Depression

American Veterinary Laser (Popularity: )
Low level laser therapy (LLLT) treatment systems for equine, exotic and small animals.
Category:   Business - Healthcare - Animal Health - Veterinary

ThermaSol (Popularity: )
USA manufacturer of steam baths and saunas for domestic and commercial use, established in 1958.
Category:   Business - Construction and Maintenance - Materials and Supplies - Specialties

Esoteric Soul Healing (Popularity: )
Philomena Houlihan-Wood practices a subtle-energy method of healing based on the teaching of Alice A. Bailey. Midlands, UK.
Category:   Health - Alternative - Energy Healing - Esoteric

Light Therapy Products (Popularity: )
Sales of dawn simulators, light boxes, and full spectrum Chromalux light bulbs.
Category:   Shopping - Health - Mental Health - Depression

Acne Therapy Light (Popularity: )
Acne-Light.com reveals the most powerful acne therapy light. Acne Light Reviews is a trusted source that compares acne treatment lights for you all in one place.
Category:   Health - Beauty - Skin Care

Light For Health (Popularity: )
Full spectrum light for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), PMS, winter blahs, and general lighting.
Category:   Shopping - Home and Garden - Electrical - Lighting

Light and Sound stimulation and Biofeedback (Popularity: )
Biofeedback and Light and Sound devices for optimizing your state of mind.
Category:   Shopping - Health - Alternative - Biofeedback

Transformation Technologies (Popularity: )
Vibrational energy healing tools, magnetic, therapy,light and sound, zappers, colloidal silver generators, rife generators,o zonators and chi machine.
Category:   Shopping - Health - Alternative - Energy Healing

Sunnex Biotechnologies (Popularity: )
Low intensity light therapy for the treatment of seasonal affective disorder or winter depression. Educational information on light therapy, SAD and potential risk of eye damage from bright-light therapy.
Category:   Shopping - Health - Mental Health - Depression

Pain-X-2000 (Popularity: )
Light therapy for sore muscles, injuries and acupuncture points.
Category:   Shopping - Sports - Equestrian - Healthcare and Grooming

Grand Adventures Ranch (Popularity: )
Dynamite, Bioscan Light Therapy, holistic health and nutrition for people, dogs, horses, cats, and soils by Kay Aubrey-Chimene in Arizona.
Category:   Health - Alternative - Practitioners - Wellness Centers

Aura Light (Popularity: )
Offers vibrational essences, gem elixirs, essential oils, herbal energies, stellar patterning, love and light.
Category:   Health - Alternative - Color Therapies

Chakra Superstore (Popularity: )
Products to activate and balance the energy centers including light therapy, pyramids, aromatherapy, books, and body care products.
Category:   Society - Religion and Spirituality - New Age - Shopping

Rolfing Therapy in Denver & Golden (Popularity: )
Bridge Morgan is a certified Rolfer offering Rolfing Therapy, or structural integration, in Denver and Golden. The Rolfing technique ranges from light touch to deeper contact, depending on your comfort range. It is important that you, as a partner inthe ...
Category:   Health - Alternative

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