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           22 October, 2020

Preston Cleric C

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C.S. Lewis Foundation (Popularity: )
Committed to advancing the renewal of Christian thought and academic freedom through its summer institutes in Oxford and Cambridge, the C.S. Lewis Study Center-Oxford, faculty forums for scholars of faith, and a planned C.S. Lewis College.
Category:   Arts - Literature - Authors - L

Triumph Over Hepatitis C (Popularity: )
Alternative medicine solution; research on Hepatitis C, homeopathic treatment, and cancer therapy.
Category:   Shopping - Publications - Books - Health

C.E. Kilian Designs (Popularity: )
C.E. Kilian Designs provides custom music arrangements and drill design for marching bands, drum corps, and other musical ensembles.
Category:   Business - Arts and Entertainment - Music - Composers and Arrangers

A.C. Lighting Inc. (Popularity: )
A.C. Lighting Inc. is a value added distributor of stage, studio and event lighting, accessories and consumables. With distribution in North America, the company is able to supply a wide-range of world class products including Jands, Chroma-Q, Prolyte ...
Category:   Business - Arts and Entertainment - Tools and Equipment - Distributors

C&B Remanufactured Grinding Equipment (Popularity: )
C&B Machinery is a machine tool remanufacturer focusing on production/precision grinding equipment.
Category:   Business - Industrial Goods and Services - Machinery and Tools - Used Machinery

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Mini C-Sales (Popularity: )
FluoroScan and XI-Scan Mini C-Arms, used and refurbished medical systems.
Category:   Business - Healthcare - Products and Services - Emergency

Instant C# (Popularity: )
Convert VB.NET code to C# code at the project and code snippet levels. Description, sample screenshots, and ordering information. By Tangible Software Solutions Inc.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - C-sharp

C Sharp (CSharp) Help : For C# Developers (Popularity: )
C# help with reviews of books on the subject and online information
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - C-sharp

About C/C++ (Popularity: )
This site features tips, tutorials and information for C (and C++) students and programmers.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - C

SDCC: Small Device C Compiler (Popularity: )
Retargetable, optimizing ANSI C compiler, targets: Intel 8051, Zilog Z80 based MCUs; work underway for Amtel AVR, DS390, Microchip PIC series. Originally designed for embedded systems. [Open Source, GPL]
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - C

Association of C and C++ Users: ACCU (Popularity: )
Non-profit organization devoted to professionalism at all levels of C, C++, Java. Community of professional programmers, compiler suppliers, anyone interested in these languages and/or seeking to improve skills. Excellent resource.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - C

Crystal C/C++ Suite (Popularity: )
A suite of C/C++ review, visualization and editing tools: Flowcharts, Tokens Panel, Comment Generator, and Auto-Formatting in real time, call/caller/file graphs.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - C

Visibility for C++ (Popularity: )
Visualizing C++ object systems in real-time. Supports the visualization of all the fundamental C++ data types. Enables dynamic GUI's (Graphical User Interfaces) to be created without the need for a single line of UI code. By Outerface Technologies Inc ...
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - C++

ITtoolbox C++ (Popularity: )
It offers forums for discussion, an integrated directory, daily news and many other services geared towards C++ professionals and users of C++ products. [Popup Window]
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - C++

Cprogramming.com: Your Resource for C++ (Popularity: )
A Web site designed to help learning C or C++. Also provides C and C++ programming resources.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - C++

CodeBase Components II for Delphi and C++ Builder (Popularity: )
An encapsulation of the CodeBase Database Engine into a series of Delphi and C++ Builder VCL components.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - Delphi

SAC: Single Assignment C (Popularity: )
Strict pure functional compiled language, C-like syntax. Design focus: numerical applications, emphasizing efficient support of array processing. Official SISAL successor.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Languages - Sisal

Training for professional C# and .Net developers (Popularity: )
Data & Object Factory offers full service training for professional developers including C#, Java, ASP.Net, VB.Net, XML, SQL Server and Design Patterns.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Component Frameworks - NET

C-Sharpener For VB (Popularity: )
Automatically converts VB.Net projects to C# projects through a Visual Studio .Net Add-in. It typically converts 99% of your VB source code and all other project related files. By Elegance Technologies.
Category:   Computers - Programming - Component Frameworks - NET

C Programming Information (Popularity: )
Guide to C programming on RISC OS. Documentation and tutorials, compilers, libraries, and downloads.
Category:   Computers - Systems - RISC OS - Software

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