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           17 January, 2021


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Johnston, Lynn: For Better or for Worse (Popularity: )
Dailies and Sundays from this popular (and rightly so!) newspaper strip.
Category:   Arts - Comics - Retailers - Original Artwork

For Better or For Worse (Popularity: )
Official site: Archives, books, and latest installments.
Category:   Arts - Comics - Comic Strips and Panels - F

Renovation Brisbane (Popularity: )
Have you been thinking lately about improving your home? For any renovation job call Renovation Brisbane. Perhaps your kitchen or bathroom is looking a little shabby. Maybe your kitchen sink or bath is looking a little worse for wear.
Category:   Home - Home Improvement - Design and Construction

nthposition (Popularity: )
An eclectic mix of political analysis and strong opinion, art and music reviews, fiction, poetry, and much high weirdness. According to its editor: "we're no better or worse than any other site, and we have no particular editorial policy apart from astrong ...
Category:   Arts - Magazines and E-zines - E-zines - N

Hopgood, Alan - Bay Street Productions (Popularity: )
Australian playwright, actor and guest speaker. Includes Alan's play, book and video about prostate cancer and men's health issues.
Category:   Arts - Literature - Drama - Contemporary

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Maximizing Harm - Losers and Winners in the Drug War (Popularity: )
This site and its accompanying book offers a look at why the war makes problems worse instead of better, and who gets hurt and who gets helped by these policies.
Category:   Society - Issues - Health - Drugs

Whichisworse.com (Popularity: )
Visitors can choose which is the worst choice of thousands of different scenarios.
Category:   Recreation - Humor - Useless Pages - Quizzes

Metric 4 US (Popularity: )
A site promoting the metric system which argues why metric is better and English is worse. Provides an English-metric online calculator.
Category:   Kids and Teens - School Time - Science - Measurement

Proven Gingivitis Cure (Popularity: )
OraMD is a trusted dental care product that tackles many gum disease issues from bleeding gums, gingivitis, receding gums to canker sores, swollen gums and chronic bad breath.Approximately 95% of Americans with Diabetes also have gum disease,due in part ...
Category:   Health - Alternative

c Health Insurance (Popularity: )
Free north carolina health insurance quote. Find links to resources and other information related to North Carolina health insurance.The task of shopping for health insurance is something that many of us contemplate with no small amount of dread, andit ...
Category:   Business - Financial Services

California Health iIsurance Plans (Popularity: )
Health insurance in California is great because there are so many options.California health insurance quotes, major medical insurance information and other resources for Californians.Group health insurance is quite frequently offered by an employer as ...
Category:   Business - Financial Services

Center For Emotional Restructuring (Popularity: )
Emotional problem? Have negative emotions? “For Better or For Worse: Am I in Love with a Giver or a Taker?” written by Robert A. Moss offers new ways to understand human relationships and interactions.At The Center for Emotional Restructuring, DrRobert ...
Category:   Health - Mental Health - Counseling Services

Hardwood Plywood & Film Faced Plywood (Popularity: )
We produce and export red hardwood plywood, birch throughout plywood, brown film faced plywood, MDF, HDF, blockboard, HPL plywood. It could have been worse . Sometimes, it was difficult to buy hardwood core veneers for plywood production in some areas ...
Category:   Business - Construction and Maintenance - Import and Export

Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent (Popularity: )
This site provide reviews on hypoallergenic laundry detergent. People with allergies sometimes face the problem of triggering it off when you wear clothes washed by a new detergent. This would result in redness, itchy skin, hives or even worse. Thus,it ...
Category:   Home - Consumer Information - Home and Family - Laundry

Cheap Domain Name (Popularity: )
cheap domain name and web hosting. Protect yourself from spam, fraud, stalkers and worse by keeping your name, address, email and phone number private. FREE Privacy for your .com, .biz, .info, .net, .mobi, or .org domain when you register five or more ...
Category:   Computers - Web Design - Domain Registration & Web Hosting

Work Place Wellbeing (Popularity: )
Research and Information about Stress management and career progression. Symptoms associated with stress vary and may include one or more of the following: anxiety, stomach ache, mental exhaustion, disturbed sleep. The symptoms can get worse when youarrive ...
Category:   Health - Beauty

The Zipper App (Popularity: )
Local news and local gossip combined with free texting all on one iphone or droid app for free. The problem is that our current idea of local news is old and funneled down to the public based on what a few people think is newsworthy or worse yet, what ...
Category:   Computers - Mobile Computing

Cosmo Dental Care (Popularity: )
At Cosmo Dental Care, you will be treated by an experienced dentist in London, Ontario. All of our team members are skilled at helping you maintain the health of your mouth and gums so that you can prevent dental problems and avoid dental diseases. Preventative ...
Category:   Health - Dentistry

Safe, Simple, Psoriasis Solutions (Popularity: )
There’s not much worse a feeling of helplessness and despair knowing that a disease has control over a life, especially when that life is yours. There's not much worse a feeling of helplessness and despair knowing that a disease has control over a life ...
Category:   Health - Conditions and Diseases - Skin Disorders - Psoriasis

New Domains and Hosting (Popularity: )
Get great deals on domain names and web hosting accounts. Private Registrations--Protect yourself from spam, fraud, stalkers and worse by keeping your name, address, email and phone number private. Only $7.95/yr! FREE Privacy for your .com, .biz, .info ...
Category:   Computers - Internet

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